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Mrs Fox

Red Thread Decorative Hoops Set

Red Thread Decorative Hoops Set

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In ancient folklore, there exists a captivating legend known as the Red Thread.

It tells of an invisible crimson thread that binds two souls destined to cross paths. No matter the distance or time, this ethereal thread weaves through the intricate tapestry of lives, connecting kindred spirits. It may twist and turn, yet it will never break. 

Carefully crafted using a blend of hand embroidery and block print techniques, this lightweight piece is perfect for adding a touch of warmth and personality to any wall in your home.

Made with 100% cotton fabric in a soft off-white tone with yellow undertones, this hoop measures 7 inches (18cm) in diameter and features high-quality DMC cotton floss for a vibrant, long-lasting finish. Each hoop is mounted on a sturdy handpainted bamboo frame for easy display.

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Please note that colours may vary slightly from the image shown due to variations in computer monitors and colour calibration.

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