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Mrs Fox

Butterfly Iron-on Patch

Butterfly Iron-on Patch

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Handprinted in cotton fabric, using finest inks. Easy to apply to any garment or fabric surface.

How to: Just peel the paper tape and place the patch adhesive-side down on the desired location, preheat the iron to a suitable setting, and cover the patch with a thin cloth. Apply firm pressure with the iron for 10-15 seconds, checking if the patch adheres properly. If needed, repeat the process for loose areas. Let it cool, test the attachment, and iron the backside for added security.

As it is a handprinted piece, some minor details may vary in the final result, it won’t affect the design, layout, or quality of this piece.

Please note that colours may vary slightly from the image shown due to variations in computer monitors and colour calibration.

Limited edition of 5 pieces. 
Ready to Ship.

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